Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that a clogged dryer vent may:

  • Increase the amount of cycles it takes to dry your wet clothes.
  • Increase your power bill.
  • Create a fire hazard.

Over time, lint will stick to dryer ducts, and dryer vents causing restricted air flow.  When the vests are clogged with lint it can be extremely dangerous and is the leading cause of dryer fires.  Lint can ignite and cause a fire once the dryer gets extremely hot.  When vents and are clogged it makes the dryer work harder and increases the amount of electricity used. This will increase your power bill.


Dryer vent lint will build up in:

  • Lint trap
  • The duct hose behind the dryer
  • The  wall duct leading to the outside vent


The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Statistics from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate there were 20,000 residential dryer fires in the United States originating in clothes dryer exhaust vents. These dryer fires resulted in personal injuries, deaths, and million of dollars in property damage. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also reports that hundreds of people were non-fatally poisoned by carbon monoxide as a result of gas clothes dryers.

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