How do you clean gutters and will you clean up the mess?

We have several methods depending on how far the roofing overhangs the gutters and the type of debris in the gutters. One method is to use a gutter tool that attaches to the end of a pole so we can pull the debris to us and remove it by hand. Some times we use a blower to clear debris out of the gutters. We are careful to prevent debris from going into your downspouts and drains. We will clean up the mess.

What do you think of Gutter Protection Systems?

Gutter Protection Systems- We clean lots of gutters with Gutter Protection Systems built into them. Many companies sell products that they promise will eliminate gutter cleaning. We don’t believe any of them. The best products help reduce maintenance. There are not any gutter products that do not require maintenance. Many of these products are sold by presentation with a fair amount of drama and comparable cost to Granite Countertops. We hear from many customers who thought they would never have to clean their gutters again. When their gutters start running over they call the vender they purchased from and find out that the contract they signed requires them to keep the “Gutter Protection” clean, but they don’t need to clean their gutters. We service all brands of Gutter Protection.

Do you pressure wash roofs?

Yes we actually do, and we recommend it when their is moss build up or pigeon fecies is present. The pigeon fecies is an attractant to other pigeons.

Why should I have my gutters cleaned?

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the debris from blocking the flow of water. Clogged gutters are often the cause of water damage that can run up high repair bills or remain unnoticed until an inspector finds the damage and adds a complication to the sale of your home.

Can you keep the birds from nesting in the vent holes under my eaves?

Yes. PIgeons are notorious for getting through the screen that your builder installed to keep birds out of your vent holes. We cut one quarter inch galvanized steel mesh into strips and staple it to the outside of your vent holes. We have never had any birds able to get through this heavier material.

Will it harm my roof if someone walks on it?

Some roofing materials are more fragile than others and we are very familiar with the different types of material and proper methods for walking on them. The real answer to this is that allowing debris and moss to accumulate on your roof does much more damage than carefully walking on the roof to maintain it. We will certainly access your roof and determine if it is able to sustain our walking on it.

How do you keep from falling off the roof?

We start out by hiring people with a natural talent toward clambering on uneven surfaces and a high level of agility. rock climbers, mountaineers, outdoor enthusiasts. We hired GRAVITEC to train and supply our technicians in the use of fall protection equipment (ropes and harnesses). We also use high quality ladders (Little Giant Ladder Systems) with leg levelers and stabilizer bars. We use Korkers ï½® brand safety sandals for traction on slippery roofs. We train our people to think creatively and look for the safest way to accomplish a job. We allow our technicians to walk away from work if they cannot figure out a safe way to get the work done.

My windows have a foggy look to them. Can you fix this?

Unfortunately  this is a problem with the seals in your windows and either the Glass or the Sash will need to be replaced.

The last time I had my windows professionally cleaned, They still had what looked like a haze on them. What is this and can it be taken off?

I can only guess as to your problem. I would say you have a build up from the elements of the environment  and it’s called Type 1 Corrosion. This may be caused by Sprinklers, Acid Rain, roof shingles run off, not cleaning them often enough, road film and several other things. I also see this on many Old Historic Homes with poured glass. Also, Screens are a windows Worst Enemy if not cleaned regularly. If you add Sprinklers spraying on Dirty Screens then onto the windows, You have a recipe for a problem. In most cases, I Can Remove these stains. While in some cases, the stains will not completely come off with the first cleaning. This is also costly to clean off depending on the severity of the stains.

What do you use to clean windows?

All of my cleaning supplies are Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly and will not harm People, Plants, or Pets. Whether I’m cleaning your windows, or cleaning your siding and gutters, There is nothing used that will harm anything.

What do you recommend for me to use between cleanings?

I tell people to use the best cleaner they can find with a good quality lint free rag. I can’t say one is better than the other but, there are some. I don’t recommend buying off brands or generic brands as they seem to streak more and most times aren’t going to clean things like, hand prints, pet nose prints, food particles, and others.

I saw a window cleaner cleaning the windows at my local grocery store the other day and he was using paper towels to dry the bottom of the window. What brand paper towel do you recommend?

Well, let me put it to you like this. If you have a “Window Cleaner” who uses paper towels, You don’t have a Professional Window Cleaner. Real “Professional Window Cleaners” will use a lint free 100% cotton towel or something similar. They will towel All Edges, not just the bottom. There are Many so called professional Window Cleaners out there who do a horrible job. Just look at many of your major grocery chains and gas stations. There are some companies out there who only do commercial windows and they  strive to do good work and take pride in that work. And it shows. So I don’t recommend using paper towels for any window cleaning other than touch ups here and there.

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